Spite: Into The Ratacombs

by Raveyard

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This is project was me and my teams final result for the mandatory Diablo 3 clone project. We wanted to aim for a glass canon playstyle where positioning mattered and therefore concluded that a dash would be needed and it's use encouraged.

Since Diablo is at it's core a hack and slash game we wanted it to feel juicy and give the player a feeling of strength in combat while still keeping them light on their toes.

During this project I was partly a gameplay programmer and partly a tool programmer. For gameplay my crowning achievment personally was the knockback for the enemies which I saw as cruical to attain the satisfying combat we aimed for. 

The game was a success and we got the best grade avaliable for our accomplishments.

The Burndownchart tool

I developed this burndownchart-tool in Microsoft Excel due to the school making it mandatory to submit a burndownchart each sprint. I chose Excel as I had a bit of experience using it, the alternative was to develop something in WPF. However we as a group decided that the tradeoff for cleaner and slightly more versatility was not worth the extra development time.

I added extra features to make it easier for us to at a glance get an estimation of how the current sprint was going and where the remaining workload was which would help us unload work from people already stressed.

Almost the entire chart changed dynamically depending on how many work hours per day each discipline had avaliable, amount of members per discipline and amount of days in a sprint. The only part that did not change dynamically was the amount of columns depending on the day.

The tool was even adopted by another group!

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