Dale the Dragon Detective

by Raveyard

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During this project we had free reins to develop whatever game we wanted and our team wanted to show our love for 3D platformers and continues pressing what was possible with our custom engine SEOS.

I was mainly in charge of Dale's movement to make sure it felt tight, responsive and fun. This led to me working very close with our designers and being open to any changes they deemed necessary.

During the project I continued working on the custom node system I authored during the previous project allowing our designers to create simple scripts for their levels to improve workflow and allow them to prototype quicker.

I'm most proud of the gliding feature we implemented and the amazingly polished phase we managed to get Dale to interact with his surroundings!

We felt good enough about our project to submit it to Swedish Game Awards 2021 and won 3 of our nominations with quotes from industry proffesionals such as:

  • ”We were impressed by the level of details in this game. A polished experience where ambience, music and voices come together to create a beautiful experience. Sounds in this game enchances the action and humour.”

  • ”Seamless experience, tight, well executed – and we are extremely impressed to see this come together by a student team, excelling where many professionals industry fail. AND in a custom made game engine.”