Hugo Rogmark

Generalist programmer

Currently looking for work in the Malmö, Lund and Copenhagen area or remote.

Skills & Proficiencies:

  • C++ - 4 years
  • Unreal Blueprint - 2 years
  • C# - 5 years
  • Unity - 2 years
  • WPF - 2 years
  • Gamemaker - 3 years


  • Swedish - Native
  • English - Fluent
  • Danish - Conversational level
  • French - Conversational level


  • Winner of 3 awards at Swedish Game awards 2021


  • Flexibility
  • Teamwork
  • Effective communication
  • Problem solving
  • Cooperating with people of all backgrounds and ages

References and reviews can be submitted at request

About me:

I am just a guy from Lund, Sweden that is searching for a new place to work in the vincinity. I believe good games come from good team spirit so I try my very best to improve and keep up morale to allow the teams joy to be transferred into the project at hand and in turn allow our players to experience the same enjoyment.


The Game Assembly Malmö - Higher Vocational Education  2019-2022

  • 8 game projects total with different themes and restrictions. 2 in unity and 6 in C++.
  • Developed our own C++ 3D engine.
  • 2 years of daily C++ programming.
  • Courses in WPF for tool development.

LBS Lund - Senior High School  2015-2018

  • Senior High School STEM program with focus on game design and development.
  • Programmed in C#, Windows Forms and Gamemaker.

Previous work experience:

Blueprint/C++ Frontdev at Invisible Walls August 2021 - September 2023

  • My main responsibility was to work close with the designers and take ideas to realize them from a prototype stage to gold.
  • Authored and owned large dynamic systems that I diligently documented to allow anyone on the team to implement their ideas quickly and with ease.
  • Acted as a bridge between our C++ and Blueprint only programmers to help both sides understand what the other side needed of them.

Homecare personal assistant  Summer 2020

  • Assisted people from all walks of life. Requiring me to connect and understand people despite differences in age or background.
  • Demanded flexibility and quick thinking for problem solving as my schedule could change at any time.
  • Responsible for dispensing correct medication and dose, requiring focus and thoroughness.

Volunteer work:

Various positions within the student orchestra AMC Bleckhornen December 2017 - Current

  • Emeritus president of the board, where the board and I together organized 60 individuals through the most demanding period the band had experienced in 20 years.
  • Currently playing in a student orchestra in Lund.
  • Been responsible for handling transactions and economics in excel.
  • Previously engaged in the bands PR and Eventplanning departement.
  • Co-managed the trombone section, coordinating a group of 10-15 people.